by Dirty Sol

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released May 3, 2016

Written & Performed by Dirty Sol
Produced by Dirty Sol and Paul Arsenault
Engineered & Mixed by Paul Arsenault @ Osborne Studios
Mastered by Phil Demetro @ Lacquer Channel
Album Artwork & Layout by Little Black Design



all rights reserved


Dirty Sol London, Ontario

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Track Name: Got Soul
If you got Soul
You feel it in your bones

Soul is the music always playing inside you
Heart beats to the rhythm and the feeling can drive you
And heights become inevitable it resonates in your bones
You feel it creeping up your spine and talking over the whole
Just like a new seed I can feel it growing through me
Put the motion in my two feet
And I don't fret the eyes that pry wide open
All I know is I've got to keep them from closing
Keep a cool transparency so the core is exposed and when I
Feel it move into my fingers
push on six steel strings and let it linger
Sing until the meaning is clear send it off in the air
Increase the potency of the signal pray somebody will hear it
If it feels right it locks tight it moves like I do tonight
And if your soul is a measure of your spirit and insight
Then you set it alight
Let you soul take away control burn on into the moonlight

If you got soul
You feel it in your bones

I wanna get to a place that's so cerebral
I feel the music in my veins as if I'm banging it from a needle
My addictions got my people wishing
I had an outlet other than these tunes
that seem to be feeding my addiction so
Hoist the moon up high to give me light
I just don't think I'll make it home tonight
I'll let the wind carry my melody
When the weights too heavy for me
Some people never get to see the product of their deepest thoughts
No fruition for the seeds they drop
But I plant them deep in my soul and I wait so patiently
Oh lord the rewards that I reap
Whenever I'm feeling less than real giving up control
When the face in the mirror
takes a grip on the wheel and steers me off the road
Shatter my reflection pick up all the pieces until my pockets full
Use the blood on my fingers sketch out a picture
Smile at the face it shows

When it comes and goes
All the past behind me knows the soul I got is real
Curtain falls on its own
In my eye and on your throne and you're mortified its real
Music I call my home
Then we do the haka and watch them go

If you got soul
You feel it in your bones
Track Name: My Friend
I've got a friend named Billy
He walks to school
Every morning and every afternoon

He stops at the market
For something to eat
Then he goes to the corner store, buys a couple spliff wraps
Then to the park for some weed

My friend named Billy
Well he's been waiting for me

He jumps down the sidewalks
Taking full strides
My man Billy used to bore us but now he doesn't even question why

He was self-raised in a jail house
Head hanging down
The only peace and salvation was the thought of leaving town

And if my friend Billy could
Well he would skip right out of town

Billy run away now

Ten years would pass him
Ten people he'd meet
Oh ten story's he'd want to jump from
But instead he'd land on his feet

Now if you haven't noticed my friend named Billy is me
Track Name: Lady Melody
Am I wasting my time
Or is it worth all the while
Oh but I can't help this feeling
And it gives my spirit some healing

Started at the age of four
Jammin with my eyes open wide
Grabbed me by the hand and led me to the sun
It opened up my door to survive

Am I wasting my time
Or is it worth all the while
Oh but I can't help this feeling
And it gives my spirit some healing

Took a running start and jumped on passed the door
I ended up in the promised land
Lady Melody had shown me the sun
But now I had an actual plan

Am I wasting my time
Or is it worth all the while
Oh but I can't help this feeling
And it gives my spirit some healing
Track Name: Selfish Ways
When I was younger I used to see the world so perfectly
But at the same time, people had all of the control all over me

I used to want to go, I used to want to be free, used to show love, I used to want to leave peacefully
Now I see the times change, people want to see change, people want to be the change, nobody is changing things that they do day to day

So I sing

I remember back when I used to see
People helping people wholeheartedly
And when they cried, the people would work over time
Partying just for a while

And now they push opportunity
Personal growth is all they need
Well, I step back
Smoke a few spliffs and relax
Taking my time to reflect

While singin
Track Name: Nobody Is Around
I never catch the same train twice
I would leave it on the outside
Still runnin
And after all I've been through in my life
I hope it don't happen three times
Still chuggin

When I try to shelter in
I let another actively reverse my spin
But wait a minute
If there's a possibility of slowing down
Imma take it on my free time

When nobody is around
Nobody is around

I travel counting one by one
With a fear of ending up town
I'm losing track and ending on my own
Karma seems to be slow

Now how about I settle down
Find a decent mind that I can end with, I don't mind being around
Well I've been on this block too many times over
Lookin over my shoulder

There I see nobody is around
Nobody is around

Holding out for a decent piece of mind
Feeling the more that I search I find
The less appealing side of a feeling so contrived
Foundation built on lies the love it dies when one side
Tries harder to keep the ship from sinking so ill be cutting ties
I'm writing the reasons out with a pen
While I try to pretend that the thorn in my side
Was anything other than fault at my feet or a wandering eye
Fueled by the constant pursuit of the greener side I'm feeling like
The miles beneath my shoes might be the only
Reason I can't get to sleep at night